Professor Thaddaeus J. Pinchworm
is the main antagonist of the "Birthday World" episode of "The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald". He is a professor and the owner of the episode's titular corrupt amusement park, whose goal is to use a ray to turn anyone it zaps into toddlers so he can rule the world. Also appeared in Corduroy season 2 episode 4 Ronald gets Busted. In that episode Ronald was happy to put on a show while Burger King is out of business. And Professor Pinchworm disguised as Ronald McDonald at the green Grocers across the street from Lisa and Corduroy The Bear live in. Moppy accidently pushed into Pinchworm's glasses and he said "OOOHH My Glasses". Then Moppy screamed and the puppy JR whimmered and Professor Pinchworm aimed a bat at the Green Grocers cashier and then Professor Pinchworm yelled "Hand over the money in a paper sack!" Professor Pinchworm ran off with the Money and Moppy witness that Ronald McDoanld had robbed the Green Grocers but Ronald McDonald did not really do it. Ronald McDonald was arrested for no reason. Corduroy The Bear was sad. And Later on in the episode Corduroy The Bear realized it was Professor Pinchworm who rob the Green Grocers. And Corduroy The Bear told Ronald's audiences "Attention Ronald McDonald did not rob the Green Grocers Professor Pinchworm framed him". Corduroy The Bear began to whack Pinchworm's feet and his glasses. And the Police came to the studio and arrest Pinchworm and Ronald McDonald came back to the spotlight. And Corduroy The Bear and Ronald McDonald lived again. Professor Pinchworm has the same personality as SideShow Bob from "The Simpsons"

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