Doc Disney a substitute the Bar tender and the doctor from Corduroy (TV series) by Nelvana.

Doc Disney first appeared in season 2 episode 8 Corduroy Goes to The Doctor. Doc is both a Bar tender and a Doctor. His bar is called Doc's Tavern and located in a mall in New York city and sometimes for his doctor jobs he lets Edgar Balthazar be in his place of the bar. Edgar Balthazar from Walt Disney's The Aristocats usually bartend for Doc because Doc Disney usually helps with kid's health and physical needs and psychology. Doc Disney is from Walt Disney's Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (1937).

Buildings he works in and his occupation Edit

1. Doc's tavern - Bar Tender (makes good root beer)
2. Grant Houses Health Center - helps with health and physical needs
3. Pear-Shaped Wrecking ball Mental Hospital - Psychology
4. Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York - helps with children's health and physical needs.

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