Those are the episodes of Corduroy by Nelvana

Season 1 (Spring 1997/ Fall 2000) first 12 episodes are from spring 1997Edit

  1. Lost and Found 
  2. Going Up
  3. Good night Corduroy
  4. Soap Flakes
  5. Ice Dream
  6. Special Delivery
  7. Clean Up
  8. Music Lesson
  9. Ship's Ahoy
  10. Help Wanted
  11. Flight of Fancy
  12. 1 + 1 = 2
  13. Cute as a Button (and remember they did get the button out of the storm drain they did put the button back on Corduroy The Bear's overalls and Corduroy The Bear does have two buttons on his overalls this year and Forever).
  14. Sleep Tight
  15. Toothache
  16. Mop Top
  17. Art Smart
  18. A Hot Day in the City
  19. Yours, Mine and Ours
  20. Say Cheese
  21. Once, Twice, Ice
  22. Sticks and Stones
  23. Super Duper Market
  24. Party Plans
  25. Finders Keepers
  26. Between Covers

Season 2 (up coming (coming soon to air))Edit

  1. Two buttons again and forever (2 buttons again and forever)
  2. McDonald's PlayPlace
  3. Good Morning Corduroy
  4. Ronald gets Busted
  5. Italian Vacation
  6. Corduroy goes to School
  7. Corduroy's birthday
  8. Corduroy goes to the Doctor
  9. Corduroy's Babysitter
  10. Don't fear the home fixer
  11. Polka Dots (circles on Mickey Mouse's red pants)
  12. Corduroy's Halloween
  13. Black Widower
  14. Corduroy's Thanksgiving

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